Waterford Men's Golf Association

The Waterford Men's Golf Association (WMGA) exists to grow the game of golf for it's members, and offer opportunities for camaraderie and competition.  
  • To join you must first be a member of the Waterford Golf Club 18 yrs or older
  • Annual WMGA Dues are $12.00

WMGA Events

WMGA Holds a monthly meeting on the 1st Thursday of every month  
  • With complimentary dinner which includes; fish fry's, steak dinners & bratwurst grill-outs
  • A pre-dinner 9-Hole event will be held during the standard "daylight time" season, at nominal cost

WMGA holds a weekly Dogfight and Skins game every Wednesday at nominal cost
  • Annual WMGA Championship
  • Annual WMGA Match Play
  • Annual WMGA Dogfight Championship
Waterford Men’s Golf Association Planned Schedule for 2018
Posted when I get it! :-)


2018 Officers

President: Stan Caudill           Vice President: John Cross
(478) 396-4784

Secretary: Mike Myrick            Treasurer: George Reddick

Tournament Committee:

Chairman: Brian Klinger